Sustainable mining in Kazakhstan - financial and ESG aspects

Viktor Kovalenko
Partner, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice

09:15 Impact of the new Environmental Code of Kazakhstan on the mining and geological industry.

Arman Bigazin
Haller Lomax

09:30 - Responsible sourcing: how to be sure your mineral products meet changing acceptance criteria

Jane Joughin
Corporate Consultant (ESG)
SRK Consulting (UK)

09:45 - Investing in the mining sector in Kazakhstan

Akop Kagramanyan
Principle Banker Natural Resources
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

10:00 - Astana International Exchange: a bridge between mining companies and investors

Malik Nishanbayev
Head of Mining
Astana International Exchange

10:15 - Sustainable finance solutions for mining and metals producers

Oxana Megglé
Director, Mining, Metals and Industry Finance
Societe Generale

10:30 - Optimal resource development through effective project decisions

Matt Mullins
Executive Consultant

10:45 - Blockchain’s role in mining ESG.

Tanya Matveeva
Kamni Chain