The new Code “On subsoil and subsoil use”, which improves and regulates an extensive list of issues, also includes simplification of procedures for obtaining the right to subsoil use. This helps to attract investment and intensify exploration work by junior companies and the development of the market for junior companies in Kazakhstan.

National mining company “Tau-Ken Samruk” is ready to invest in projects of Junior companies that work in the mining and metallurgical sector of Kazakhstan.

Tau-Ken Samruk offers comprehensive one-stop assistance to Junior companies focused on exploration. This principle implies financial, expert, and marketing support in the framework of the company’s objectives to stimulate the development of the mining sector and the increase of the mineral resource base.

Tau-Ken Samruk is ready to invest in projects in exchange for a share in the project. Financing is planned to be carried out at the expense of the National Company’s own funds, private capital of strategic partners, or by attracting debt financing. The return on investment is planned to be received through the sale of participation interests, an IPO or dividends.

The project selection mechanism will be transparent as is usual in international practice. After studying the optimal cooperation scheme and business plan, Tau-Ken Samruk will accompany the exploration project to the planned stage: approval of JORC reserves, completion of the full feasibility study / BFS, or launch of production.

In the world practice, junior companies are the most successful in geological exploration and discovery of new deposits, and therefore the creation of a comfortable environment for the activities of junior companies will help fully realize the potential of the industry.