Altynbek Yerseitov, presentation brief – “A set of new technologies and technical solutions for the extraction of gold from oxidized ores by underground borehole leaching ISL”

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, metal mining is moving to the next evolutionary stage of development, which can be called the stage of chemical or molecular mining. The new method is finally replacing the expensive and dangerous for mankind and nature; ancient mechanical mining. New ways of extracting raw materials without explosions and extracting ore mass from the bowels have gained a solid place, especially in the uranium industry, there are no significant emissions into the atmosphere, the depth of average production has increased to 700-900 meters, new environmental standards and respect for nature are recognized as high.

By the beginning of the 21st century, almost all major deposits on the planet were already under development, explored reserves were declining, and metal consumption in the world, taking into account rapidly changing needs, was steadily increasing.

In this regard, we see two main areas of development of the mining industry:

1) in the short and medium-term – production in poor fields by the PSV method

2) for the long-term perspective, the search for technology and the conduct of pilot laboratory studies to begin work on the coastal sea and ocean shelf.

To date, we have received a patent for the technology and next-generation device for the extraction of gold, platinum or other valuable metals from poor solutions.

The search stage of comprehensive laboratory studies showed very high encouraging indicators for the degree of extraction of gold and other metals from poor ores, with contents from 0.3 to 2 grams per ton of ore.

This can serve as the basis for a new technological era in the mining industry of many valuable metals, this is indeed a huge breakthrough in technologies for the extraction of precious metals, the prospects for this technology are very promising.

The era of chemical (molecular) mining will change many sub-sectors of metallurgy. This has already been confirmed on a global scale by the example of uranium mining in Kazakhstan, where, thanks to PSV technology, the country quickly took first place in the world in terms of volume (table from the global uranium association), while achieving record low production costs.

The main argument is that molecular mining in deposits with low metal content in the ore is more profitable (cheaper) and doubles the volume of production than traditional mining of any metal

Thus, we expect around the world a systematic increase in the share of molecular mining in deposits with a low content of valuable and commercial metals and we invite all interested parties to mutually beneficial cooperation.