The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan is actively reforming its environmental policy and introducing changes to state, industry and regional environmental programs in accordance with the “Kazakhstan-2050” strategy and the concept of “transition to a green economy”. The draft new Environmental Code, discussed in the Mazhilis Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, proposes the implementation of the principle “a pollutant is the one to pay and fix” and promotes the introduction of technologies and economic incentives to reduce the environmental impact of mining. 

MineEco – the first competition of socially significant and environmental projects in the mining industry of Kazakhstan will be held at the XI Mining and Exploration Forum MINEX Kazakhstanorganised on 31 August – 2 April 2020 in Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan.  

The competition is organised by the MINEX Kazakhstan Forum secretariat in partnership with the Republican Association of Mining and Metallurgical Enterprises (AGMP). 

The competition will provide a platform for the presentation of projects implemented by the mining enterprises in KazakhstanThe competition themes will be focused on the reduction of the mining and extractive industries environmental footprint the support of the socio-economic development of the regions; sustainable development of natural resources complied with the world’s best practices standards. 

The objectives of MineEco are: 

  • To provide companies operating in the mining industry with an annual platform for the presentation of projects aimed at reducing theimpact on the environment and the socio-economic development. 
  • To provide broad information coverage through national and international media and social networks of the socio-environmental activities ofKazakhstan’s mining enterprises, local government bodies, educational institutions and mining technology companies. 
  • To benchmark the most effective solutions, technologies andexperiencesand explore the possibilities of their large-scale implementation in the extractive industries (mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, processing, recycling, etc.) 
  • Toprovide a platform fora discussion of experiences, ideas and challenges issues related to the social and environmental aspects of mining and extractive industries in Kazakhstan. 
  • To form recommendations and suggestions in the field of application of the new Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and further development of regulatory legal acts taking into account current practices as well as international standards. Projects submitted to the competition will be evaluated by the jury, consisting of Kazakhstan and international experts. 

Who can participate:  

MineEco competition is open for mining and metallurgical enterprises, local government, universities and technological companies that have implemented projects in the field of environmental safety and social development in the mining industry of Kazakhstan in 20018-2019. 

The MineEco competition nominations. 

Social responsibility project of the year”. 

We invite projects and programs that have a significant positive impact on the socio-economic development of mining enterprises and regions, for example, organising charity events, creating training and professional growth programs, creating new jobs, lowering gender barriers, increasing social inclusion, etc.

“Ecological project of the year” 

We invite projects and programs that contributed to a significant reduction of the environmental impact of mining production and creating environmental safety at enterprise and the regional level, e.g. projects aimed at the implementation of environmental technologies, the use of energy-saving technologies, improving the environmental performance of companies and regions, waste management systems, etc. 

The competition is held in two stages. Companies can participate in both nominations and submit no more than three projects in each nomination. 

To participate in the first (correspondence) stage, the contestants must fill out an application form on the site before 10 August. It is mandatory to provide a brief justification of the project (after selecting the appropriate nomination, a window for entering data appears)  

By 15 August, the contestants are invited to send a detailed project justification in the form of presentation slides (no more than 10 slides for one project). Presentation slides can also be loaded into the application form. 

Upon completion of the acceptance of applications, the competent jury evaluates and selects projects that reach the final stage of the competition. 

At the second stage, finalists of each of the nominations will be invited to make 10-minute presentations at the open competition session, which will be held on 2 April 2020 at the MINEX Kazakhstan 2020 forum

After the presentations are completed, the jury will select Gold, Silver and Bronze winners for each of the nominations. Winners will be announced at the end of the forum on 2 April. Winners will be awarded diplomas and memorable prises. 

The projects presented at the competition will be published in the final materials of the MINEX Kazakhstan 2020 forum. The announcement of the results of the competition and the winners will be published on the forum website and distributed through the information publications and platforms of the forum’s media partners. 

For all questions of interest, contact: Tel: +7 7172 696 836;