Mission of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan: development of state policy in the areas of state support for industrial activity, development of local content in the field of industrial activity, in the field of industrial safety, coal industry, regulation of the production of precious metals and the turnover of precious metals and precious stones, commodities containing precious metals, jewellery and other products; scientific and technical development of the country in the fields of rail, road, inland water transport, merchant shipping, in the areas of using the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the activities of civil and experimental aviation, roads, in order to develop a transport and communications complex that meets the needs of the economy and society; architectural, urban planning and construction activities, housing relations, public utilities and municipal waste management (excluding municipal solid waste), water supply and sanitation, heat supply (except for co-generation plants and boiler houses producing heat energy in the district heating zone) within settlements, export control, support and development of the defence industry potential.