According to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the overall economic effect of the use of digital technologies could exceed $ 25 billion per year. The greatest effect is expected in the services sector – up to $ 15 billion a year, and in the mining sector – up to $ 9 billion.

The first mining digital transformation conference “Mining Goes Digital – Kazakhstan” will be held on 15 September 2021 within the framework of the forum. The conference will offer a platform for assessing the economic effect of the broader introduction of digital technologies in mining and exploration in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The conference will also showcase examples of digitalisation of mining and metallurgical and mining enterprises using artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning, big data analysis, digital and satellite monitoring systems, IoT, blockchain, etc.

Mining Goes Digital is a new platform in Kazakhstan and Central Asia for discussing challenges and prospects of mining modernisation in the era of digitalisation of the economy, growing demand for strategic metals and minerals, and increasing pressures to increase efficiency in all aspects of mining from data-to-date management of mining and exploration projects to state regulation and information disclosure.

The Conference was initially launched at MINEX Russia in 2019 and became the first in Russia international event offering insight into the digital transformation emerging in the country’s mining industry.

Industry Sessions

The conference programme will include a block of sessions where senior executives and experts will present trends, technologies and examples of digital transformation in the mining industry in Kazakhstan and Globally.


The exhibition organised alongside the conference will offer opportunities for demonstrating technologies and mining digitalisation solutions.

MineDigital Competition

MineDigital competition of ideas, prototypes and projects will be organised as part of the Mining Goes Digital Conference. The Competition will help IT and Technology companies, start-ups and IT divisions of Mining and Metallurgical enterprises to promote the ideas and working prototypes of digital and robotisation technologies.

Conference Themes and Topics

  • Prospects for the large-scale introduction of digital technologies in the mining industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
  • The digital transformation of mining enterprises – focus on business objectives.
  • Justifying investment. How to determine the potential effect of digitalisation and minimise the cost of its implementation.
  • Industries 4.0: How to Connect a Production System to Digital Instruments.
  • Developing the culture and staff competence in the 4.0 environment. The role of working skills in the digital economy.
  • Examples of the use of artificial intelligence to increase the operational efficiency and integrated processes.
  • The experience of companies in the application of digital technologies in pre-digital era built mining plants.
  • Creation of industry digital innovation hubs.
  • Examples of digital technology transfer from the oil and gas industries.
  • The practice of using UAVs to control industrial facilities.
  • The benefits of a single digital environment for managing geological information.
  • Using conditional geological modeling to estimate resources.
  • Automation of routine processes of sampling, measurement and testing at GOKs.
  • Intelligent methods of uranium mining based on modeling.
  • Building a digital platform for large scale construction.
  • Creation of digital asset twins for monitoring and production management.
  • Ecological and industrial safety of enterprises in the context of digitalisation.
  • Digital technologies for mine monitoring and safety.
  • Prospects for the use of satellite monitoring technologies in the mining industry.
  • Risk management for mining mobile equipment.
  • Forecasting incidents.
  • Repair and maintenance of equipment, predictive analytics.
  • Machine vision and machine learning in industrial production.

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