Russian Geological Society (RosGeo) one of the biggest professional society in Russia numbering more than 1,000 members (geologists and geoscientists), which incorporated 52 regional divisions throughout the country. The avenues of RosGeo activities include:

  • Popularization of geological knowledge;
  • The role and the place of geology in the development of country’s economy;
  • Promotion of new technologies development;
  • Participation in geology-oriented legislation policy of the Federal Government;
  • Social programs aimed at supporting of the Russia’s geologists and their families, geology veterans.

Attached to the Society is its Children’s and Young People Geology Movement incorporating 20,000 “young geologists”, who specialize in different geoscience-oriented disciplines under the guidance of professional geologists, members of RosGeo. Federal, regional and local meetings of the “young geologists”, as well as field trips and competitions are held for the young people who are interested in geosciences on the annual basis.

RosGeo participates in international and local exhibitions dedicated to geosciences, holds annual competitions on the best paper in geosciences among schoolchildren, university students, as well as young professionals (age to 35 y.o.), realize scientific, popular and educational publications on geosciences. Also, along with the Russian Geological holding JSC Rosgeologia and Ministry of Mineral Resources and Ecology of Russian Federation, the Society established The Mineral Resources of Russia: Economy and Management one of the most popular Russian geological magazine.

The top governing body of RosGeo is the Russian Congress of Geologists. Operational management is carried out by the Executive Committee headed by the President and five Vice Presidents appointed on a voluntary basis, and the Executive Board, appointed on a permanent basis.

RosGeo is financed by its corporate members’ donations, and services rendered to the Russian mining, exploration and producing companies.