Artem Samoylovskiy



2011, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), an engineer with a degree in Aircraft and Helicopter Engineering, PhD

Work experience:

2007 - 2016 PJSC Company "Sukhoi" Design Bureau Sukhoi, project department - design engineer 1st category.
2016 - 2019 Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) - Lead Designer in the General Design and Supercomputer Modeling Laboratory of NIO-101 MAI.
2012 - present - co-founder and CEO of Advance Aero MAI LLC (Luftera group of companies).
2017 - present - co-founder and technical director of  Luftera  LLC.

3 patents, more than 10 scientific publications.

15.09.2021 11:30 - SESSION 4 | Online

Luftera automation and digitalisation solutions for mining enterprise

1. Engineering and geodetic surveys solutions
2. Mine surveying solutions
3. Control and analysis of construction progress solutions
4. Materials volume measuring in warehouses solutions
5. Geological exploration solutions