IT Solutions

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Motion Metrics is a market-leading Canadian technology company that leverages its expertise in artificial intelligence and computer vision to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency at mines and quarries worldwide. Our solutions include missing tooth detection and blindspot reduction for shovels and loaders, tooth wear and payload monitoring for shovels, particle size analysis analysis for shovels, conveyor belts, haul trucks, and in a portable format, boulder detection for haul trucks, and a cloud-based data analysis platform that interfaces with all Motion Metrics products. These systems are intuitive, do not interrupt existing workflows, and are supported by local, hands-on teams.
Our solutions are trusted by the world’s largest mining companies and have been installed across six continents. Our team is headquartered in Canada and has offices in Australia, Chile, and South Africa to provide fast, localized support. We bring together an experienced team of machine learning scientists, electrical and mechanical engineers, software architects, and technical mining professionals to solve the mining industry’s toughest challenges.