Richard Shellam

Consultant (Geotechnical Engineer)
SRK Consulting (UK)

Richard Shellam is a Consultant Geotechnical Engineer with seven years of operational experience in open pit geotechnical engineering and exploration geology within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Richard has specific expertise in implementing real-time slope monitoring systems for large open pit operations. He has knowledge in developing site-specific procedures such as the Ground Control Management Plan and Trigger Action Response Plans to aid in active slope management. In addition, he has experience in the practical application of geotechnical engineering to assist open pit and dumping operations.

Richard has managed numerous field programs in remote locations for geotechnical and geological investigations from scoping through to active operations. He has expertise in data collection and characterisation of rock masses for open pit slope design and slope stability modelling.

13.04.2021 09:30 - Masterclass by SRK Consulting | Park Inn

Managing the Risk of Open Pit Slope Failures - Open Pit Slope Monitoring Methods

Ground strata failure is a major hazard for open pit mines as it has the potential to cause damage to property and can result in multiple fatalities. Therefore, the current industry best practice is to continuously monitor open pit slopes to identify early warning signs of failure.

The presentation will outline practical methods for implementing slope monitoring systems such as, slope stability radar (SSR), robotic total stations (RTS) and Interferometric synthetic-aperture radar (InSAR) a satellite-based monitoring method. Further, the presentation will outline methods for analysing the data generated by these systems and to predict the time of failure once deformation has started.

Finally, the presentation will discuss effective methods for integrating these systems into the open pit operations via critical geotechnical documents such as the Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP) and Trigger Action Response Plans (TARP).