Olga Petrova

Deputy director

In 1999 she graduated from Magnitogorsk State Technical University. G.I. Nosov, majoring in Economics and Management at Mining Enterprises. In 2003 she successfully defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences at Moscow Mining University.

Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

The first category expert in the fields of E2 / KLTP, E2 / OB

14.04.2021 15:00 - Technical Session 3 | Sary Arka 3 Hall

Risks in the mining industry: regulatory requirements and needs of subsoil users

The analysis of the terminology used in regulatory documents in determining the risk, goals, methods of assessment and management showed the lack of completeness and a single methodological approach. Data from Rostekhnadzor's annual reports on injuries and accidents in the mining industry shows that the largest number of them are related to technological processes – collapse, transport work, and machinery. While such traumatic factors as electric shock, poisoning, and other methods of quantitative risk assessment are present in regulatory documents, they account for no more than 10% of the total number of accidents, which indicates the need to develop methods for assessing the technological risk associated with man-made damaging factors.

The current situation is the lack of methods that take into account the specific characteristics of the industry, geographical location, geological conditions, reserves development and education of industrial wastes, indicates the need for the development of industry standard risk assessment that takes into account the processes of mining production at all stages of the enterprise life cycle – from the design stage to eliminate it.

Creating such a hierarchical regulatory framework, in our opinion, will contribute to the development of the mining industry through the use of advanced technologies, taking into account the "understanding" of risks and improving the efficiency of its activities in General.