Nursultan Iliyas

2nd year Master's degree student in Mining Engineering
Nazarbayev University, School of Mining and Geosciences

Nursultan Iliyas is MSc Candidate in Mining Engineering set to graduate in June 2020. He was born in the city of Kyzylorda in 1995. In 2013 he graduated "Murager" school for gifted boys. After that he entered Nazarbayev University and graduated in 2018 with bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. In the same year, Nursultan started master’s degree at the School of Mining and Geosciences in Nazarbayev University and currently doing research on topics related to geostatistics. His field of research is Mineral Resource Estimations, Grade Domaining and block modeling.

Investigation of uncertainties in Data Imputation through application of Sequential Co-Simulation

The main principle of mineral resource estimation process is to quantify a mineral grade in target places. However, in many cases, available dataset show heterotopic sampling pattern that makes the current practice of mineral resource estimation challenging. In order to cope with this impediment, author suggests solution by using imputation algorithms, for which the missing data at sampled location is imputed by stochastic techniques. To investigate uncertainties in data imputation process, a technique called Sequential Gaussian Co-simulation was utilized. Overall results of imputation techniques showed satisfactory results, and it can be concluded that derived simulated grade values for drillholes can be incorporated into the ore body modeling.