Murat Urakov

Senior Geophysicist
Phoenix Geophysics

Date and place of birth: Jul 4, 1965. Saratov Oblast, Russia.
1972-1982: High school. Almaty Oblast.
1982-1987: Leningrad Mining Institute. Geophysical Faculty.
1987-1991: Kazgeophysica Geological Organization. Airborne Geology-Geophysical Expedition. Nikolaevka town. Almaty oblast. Geophysicist.
1991-1995: Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Head of Department.
2007-present: Phoenix Geophysics LTD. Toronto. Canada. Geophysicist.
Participated in more than 20 field projects around the world using the magnetotelluric sounding technique (MTS). Conducted and continue to conduct trainings for customers of the company around the world working on the geophysical equipment manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics. In recent years, I began working with the clients of the company on Former Soviet Union market.

15.09.2021 16:00 - Technical session | Sary Arka 1 Hall

Current State and Future outlook of MT as a monitoring tool.

The paper briefly highlights the current state of the MT method as one of the geophysical methods, which is becoming increasingly important in the study of mineral resources in both commercial and academic studies of the earth.

Examples of an international scale for the geological study of land in countries where the mining industry occupies a very significant position in the economy are given. The scientific justification of the method and the field methodology are briefly described.

Examples of the practical use of the results of MT work are illustrated.

Speaker also addresses the question of using this method as a monitoring tool in various fields, such as monitoring the status of specific geological objects, monitoring various technological processes, and including earthquake prediction.