Kris Czajewski

Principal Geotechnical, Tailings Engineer
SRK Consulting (UK)

Kris Czajewski, P.Eng, Canada is a Principal Geotechnical  and Tailings Engineer at SRK Consulting (UK) with over 30 years of tailings and geotechnical experience. He has joined SRK Consulting (UK) 13 years ago and he has been responsible for tasks relating to the due diligence, design and construction and reclamation of tailings facilities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. During his work, he utilises his experience gained in world class projects, with an emphasis on the feasibility and constructability of tailings facilities. For the mining sector in Canada, Kris has led dam safety reviews, tailings planning, water management, and dam rehabilitation designs. Over last few years he contributed to development of the Guidelines to European Practice, published recently under title “The Hydraulic Transport and Storage of Extractive Waste”, Springer, 2018.”

Geotechnical Monitoring in Tailings