Arlybek Altazhanov

Nazarbayev University

I am Masters student studying its first year. I have a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. I have excellent interpersonal and international experience as I studied in USA. I am excited to work in mining industry to be familar with new technology and mining methods.

Automated Mine Ventilation Systems and its use for Diesel Particulate Matter emissions control.

Nowadays, the most of the engines in mining industry operate using diesel as it is cost effective and efficient. However the health and safety of working personnel are main priority and DPM emissions need to be controlled under proper legislation. DPM emissions has serious effects on the human health such as hypersensitivity and inhalation of toxic metals such as Pb, Cd, and Zn into the blood system. In the previous researches, DPM was studied in terms of health and environmental impacts, chemical composition and control methods such as using biofuels, catalysts, environmental cabs and ventilation. The aim of this paper is to evaluate several DPM emission control methods mentioned above under.

Automated Ventilation System in order to rank them in terms of risks and opportunities. As the methodology of this research is highly dependent on available data and case studies the credible resources will be used to discuss the potential risks and opportunities involved in each method. The initial part of this paper will be brief explanation about DPM and its role in mining operation phase. As technology advances rapidly, Automated Ventilation System can be considered as a main solution for the DPM control especially in large scale mining operation.