Technical Session 1

14:00 – 16:00 / 13 September 2021   Sary Arka 1 Hall

Innovations in Geological Exploration

  • Development of a geological cluster in the Republic of Kazakhstan – plans, priorities, experiences.
  • Cases of implementation of new exploration methods in Central Asia.
  • Prospects for the introduction of digital technologies in geological exploration research.
  • Modern approaches to prospecting and exploration, 3D-exploration models, 3D-geophysics, combining data from geochemistry, geophysics, geology.
  • Improving discovery efficiency via integrated approach practices in geological exploration.

Current State and Future outlook of MT as a monitoring tool.

Murat Urakov
Senior Geophysicist
Phoenix Geophysics

Success from Innovation: Inversion of Borehole Gravity data using GeoTk

Christopher Nind
VP Business Development
Abitibi Geophysics

Modern Geophysics in the exploration of water resources

Victor Ovcharuk
AGT Systems

- Theme Pending

The results of applying EMZ-VP technology in exploration of blind porphyry copper mineralisation in Mongol-North Square (Northern Kazakhstan)

Yury Davydenko
Director General

Block resistive 3D-reconstruction of the geological medium from mega-samples of airborne and ground-based TEM data

Georgiy Trigubovich
Technical Director
Aerogeophysical Surveys