IT Solutions

Please visit us at our exhibition booth 21

RIT Automation is a Russian developer and integrator company that provides advanced solutions for the automation in the mining industry. Among our clients are the biggest mining companies in Russia such as EVRAZ, Polyus Gold, Alrosa, RusAl, ERG and others.

The solutions we offer meet the highest modern standards, have all necessary functionality and are extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit your mine’s needs.

We are ready to present following products:

DrillManager – automated drilling management system.

DrillManager effectively combines the opportunity of monitoring the operation and downtime of drilling rigs, high-precision navigation and positioning of drilling equipment, monitoring of drilling parameters and subsequent analysis of the data obtained.

BlastManager – automated management system for mobile explosive manufacturing units.

Effective management of MEMU with the use of high-precision targeting to the well allows to account and refill wells rapidly and accurately. Optimization of the work on the drilling block due to the pre-laid route of the machine. Explosives consumption and the number of filled wells control.

PitManager – automated management system for auxiliary equipment.
ShovelManager – automated high-precision positioning system for shovels and loaders.
DozerManager – automated high-precision positioning system for bulldozers and graders.
StaffManager – automated management system for mobile personnel.