Exploration Services

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LLC «Center of Technology Transfer and Engineering of Irkutsk State University» (LLC «CTTE IGU»)


- Development of industrial processes and production projects related to electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mining, chemical technology, mechanical engineering, as well as in the field of industrial construction, systems engineering and safety;

- Extraction of ores and sand of precious metals and rare metals;

- Prospecting geophysical and geochemical works in the field of mineral resources and the reproduction of the mineral resource base:

1) geological studies of subsurface resources intended to collect information on the structure of subsurface resources and the location of mineral deposits and groundwater: geological, hydrogeological and geoecological surveys, prospecting, assessment and exploration of mineral deposits, open-cast geological exploration and mining, hydrogeological and engineering-geological work, geophysical and geochemical work, the creation of a state network of supporting geological and geophysical profiles parametric and superdeep x wells, mining, drilling, sampling and processing of samples of solid minerals;

2) monitoring of the geological environment (monitoring the status of groundwater and surface water, exogenous geological processes);

3) laboratory studies of minerals and rocks;

4) cameral work

- Production of equipment for underground mining;

- Manufacture of other machinery for moving, grading, planning, scraper, excavating, ramming, compaction or mining, self-propelled, for soil, minerals or ores;

- Production of machines for sorting, crushing, mixing and similar processing of soil, stone, ore and other mineral substances;

- Activities related to engineering design, construction project management, construction control and architectural supervision, as well as other activities not prohibited by applicable law.